AdvancedBit will struggle to be where it is today or even stand a chance to grow without the help of various partners and investors that have continued to put their trust in the future by helping to support this platform. Therefore, AdvnacedBit introduces you to our premium and one of a kind affiliate system that allows investors and members of the platform to earn more money through our favorable affiliate program that is designed to generously reward both you and your referral.

Our multi-level referral program has three different commission levels. In the first level, you get 3% referral commission from your direct referrals. On both the second and third level of referrals you get a 1% referral commission. For example, if you refer Mr. A and Mr. A also refers Mr. B to our platform, Mr. B automatically becomes your second level referral. Anybody who registers on AdvnacedBit using your affiliate link automatically becomes your referral and once they make an initial investment, you earn a referral commission which will be deposited automatically in your AdvnacedBit account. All your referral commissions can be withdrawn immediately you receive them.


referral commission

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