10 beauty habits That You Need To Follow This Year For Beautiful Skin

10 beauty habits That You Need To Follow This Year For Beautiful Skin

Makeup is an essential part of our daily routine especially for college and office going girls. However, choosing your makeup products is not important but while applying it on your face you have to follow the right instructions and be cautious since your bad habits can harm your skin. Generally, women wear formal makeup to enhance their natural beauty and make it flawless and perfect.

Following the right beauty habits are ideal for keeping your skin pampered and healthy along with opting for chemical free and gentle induced ingredients products. Therefore, we have rounded up these 10 healthy makeup habits you should follow for gorgeous skin in 2021.

  1. Choose foundation according to skin type

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Foundation is the base of makeup that requires selection according to your skin type. Different skin types requires different foundation. Dry skin needs creamy and moisturizing foundation while oily skin need matte and mineral powder foundation. You can opt for medium coverage foundation while for aging skin opt for hydrating one that doesn’t settle down into wrinkles. For acne prone skin you can use mineral foundation since they are made up with additives and let your skin breathe. Also, keep the skin tone in mind while selecting the foundation.

  1. Shelf life of makeup

There are no particular regulations for shelf life and sharing of makeup. However, you should take care of a few things such as mascara and liquid eyeliners that shouldn’t be used for more than three months. Since they can build up bacteria which might transfer to the eyes and cause harm to eye health. These products should be replaced often and try new ones for the good health of your skin.

  1. Don’t share eye makeup products

Eyes are the most sensitive part of your skin and products should be good enough that won’t harm your eyes. Any product that gets close to your eyes shouldn’t be shared with anyone and shouldn’t be kept for more than a year. Cream based makeup products have less life duration as compared to cream based makeup products. And powder based products should be replaced after two year. Therefore, be cautious while sharing and applying eye makeup products.

  1. Choose mineral-based products

When it comes to choosing the products, you should opt for mineral based makeup products. Go for mineral based brands such as colorescience and bare minerals. These products won’t damage your skin layer, however it helps to keep it healthy and give a flawless and perfect matte finish.

  1. Opt for primer

While making a collection of their makeup products, most people don’t choose primer and go for gloss over this. However, primer is a must for keeping your makeup stable for longer duration. Primer is liquid creamy products that are used before applying the makeup. There are a lot of primer ranges in the market based on skin type and desired output. If you have oily skin then go for oil-absorbing primer while for dry skin choose a hydrating and moisturizing primer. Aging skin can also opt for hydrating primer. Apart from this, there are some mattifying primers which give the desired finish of your foundation. It helps to give a smooth finish and acts as a canvas.

  1. Cleanse skin before makeup

This part is often ignored by most of us. It has high benefits for your skin and makeup. Before starting to apply makeup or create a makeup look, you should wash your face with an ideal face wash gently in circular motion. This helps to remove dirt and impurities from your skin and make it clean and fresh from inside out. Choose an ideal face wash and wash it off then pay dry and start using your products. You can also apply moisturizer after cleansing if your skin is dry and flaky.

  1. Can use makeup wipes

If you are eager to cleanse your skin with face wash or if you are not in a place to use face wash then makeup wipes are good to go as a product for cleaning your skin as a first step. Even after cleansing your face with face wash you can use these makeup wipes to thoroughly cleanse it. However, it can be an alternative for water and face wash but makeup wipes can’t replace this.

  1. Remove makeup before sleeping

As putting your makeup is important, the same way wiping it off is also very important. You should always remove your makeup with a gentle makeup remover before going to bed. Otherwise, if you sleep with makeup on it can lead to wrinkles, clogged pores, acne, dull and damaged skin. Removing your makeup before bed is a crucial step for maintaining your skin health. The renewal process happens while sleeping and will get intercepted with makeup on.

  1. Apply lip balm

Some lipsticks, especially matte and liquid lipstick dry out the lips and make it chapped and pigmented. You should apply moisturizing lip balm before wearing lipstick so that your lips stay moisturized and healthy. Opt for light and colorless lip balm that won’t feel heavy and gives a perfect matte finish at once.

  1. Use concealer to hide flaws

After using foundation, you should always opt for concealer that helps to make your skin flaws hidden and gives a perfect finish. For dark circles, pimples, and pigmentation there are different varieties available to hide the particular flaws. For dark circles, you can opt for orange or red color based concealer that hides it perfectly and gives a smooth finish. You can choose one according to your skin concern.

Bottom line

So, next time when you are going to buy mascara, foundation or any makeup product, then keep the caution side of it on your mind and put your skin health first. Your skin forever so take care of it.

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